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Breaking the Code at RAWHOLE

Code 5 is a man of mystery, with an average “dad bod” and a massive stiff ass-splitter swinging between his legs. Wearing a pullover black mask, it’s hard to tell what he’s hiding and why.

Maybe off-camera he’s an actual dad with a powerful drive to ram and cram hungry boys’ assholes. But when he’s with a fuckhungry buddy like Thalys, there’s no mystery or fooling around, just hard, bar, juicy, sperm-spilling sex!

From the first shot, Thalys and the mysterious Code 5 waste NO time, with Thalys on his kees getting facefucked by the indefatigable top man. A minute later and Code 5 stands behind sliding his XXL cock into Thalys’ hot sweet butthole.

With hot twink bottom Thalys braced against a closet door, Code 5 gives it all the thrusting and plowing he can muster for a raw hungry hole. Thalys moans for more, ready to take it like a man. Code5 slathers his dick with thick greasy white lube, making his dick look like it’s coated with cum from the moment he started. He leads Thalys to the bed and pumps in deep and fast. He can keep going for hours, but the ass pummeling is getting Thalys so close to the edge he’s ready to blast.

He lies face down with his hard tool tight against the mattress edge, and when Code 5 hits his magic button, he streams out a thick creamy wad of hot male juice, spurt after spurt after spurt. Code 5 speeds up and shoots his own load deep into Thalys’ breeding hole, pulling out and walking away, still the mystery man. Catching his breath, Thalys lies on the bed, open hole drenched and dripping.

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Written by Dominic Pacifico

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