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Felipe Plows Angel’s Smooth Hole at RAWHOLE

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Angel Crush and Felipe Rivero are Latino rawfuckers from Mexico City way, kissing and getting to know each others’ big uncut tools. Felip reaches a hand around the back of Angel’s head to pull him down further onto his big juicy cock.

Gobs of spit drip down Angel’s mouth as he gasps to catch a breath, while Felipe burrows a finger into the crack of Angel’s smooth, cockhungry ass. He crouches behind to get a musky taste of that sweet hole, and Angel wags his ass in the sexy top man’s face. Lubed and open from rimming, Angel’s hole is ready for Felipe’s deep thrusts as he plows in bareback.

Angel gets on all fours as Felipe drills in from above. Speeding up, these two are heating up to a fast boil. Felipe pulls out, lets a stream of hot precum ooze down Angel’s smooth crack before he rams back in for the last balls deep thrusts.

Angel beats his cock and Felipe’s pole swells into firing position. He grabs Angel’s spread thighs and squirts his sperm deep inside.

Lots of raw fucking at
Rawhole this week!
Don’t miss a sticky drop…

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Written by Dominic Pacifico


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