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Plowing Chelo

Latino rawfucker top Lexis is a tough guy, street kid type, with a little paunch, some tattoos and a hearty appetite for butt. Well today he hit the jackpot with lean, beautiful Chelo. Chelo is sculpted muscle with a face that could launch a thousand dicks, and a piercing glance that always finds the center spotlight.

And his butt ain’t bad, round, firm and luscious, judging by the way Lexis dives in for a musky lick right from the start. These guys want to get off, and there’s not a minute to waste. Any kissing and cuddling can wait till after the spooge is spilled, they want to get down and dirty NOW! Chelo sprawls across the bed seductively, long, muscular legs dangling off the edge and his butt open for appreciation.

Lexis plows in with mucho gusto. His bareback cock drills in deep, buried all the way to the fuzzy root. Chelo moans his encouragement to go harder, faster, deeper, and Lexis gets stiffer with every thrust. Ramming in from behind, he has Chelo gripping the mattress to bounce his booty back into every stroke.

They go in for the long haul, screwing for half an hour before anyone’s ready to blast. But loads are boiling up in their balls, and when those splatters finally geyser out both hot barebackers are nothing but happy, almost exhausted smiles.

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Written by Dominic Pacifico

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