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Apolo Gets Screwed at RAWHOLE

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Burly stud Pedro Valiente jokes and fools around with hot little fuckboy bottom Apolo, grabbing his nipple for a tweak. When he hikes his shirt and drops his pants to his knees, Apolo kneels down to take his musky uncut cock in his mouth.

Apolo slurps down every inch to the hairy root, then bends over to take Pedro’s spit-slick cock into his dickstarved hole. Pedro grabs Apolo’s smooth tan asscheeks in his hands and drills in hard while Apolo wags his ass and grinds into every thrust. “Ooof, que rico!” the bottom shouts and pants for breath.

Apolo lies on the bed with ass up, Pedro plows on in. He gives Apolo’s butt a hearty slap and thrusts harder. Sweat, lube and precum drips down the boy’s crack and off his smooth tight nutsack. Apolo plants a foot to either side of Pedro’s waist and bounces on the big hard cock.

Lying on his side and pounding Apolo’s ass from below, Pedro heads for a big squirt. His load shoots out like a geyser, leaving Apolo’s muscular cheeks smeared with sticky cream. Apolo puckers his hole, squeezes out a thick creampie drip of raw hot cum.

Lots of raw fucking at
Rawhole this week!
Don’t miss a sticky drop…

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Written by Dominic Pacifico

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