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Dominic Does Brazil Ep. 3: Gonzo with Felipe Gaucho

If you’ve ever been to Rio De Janeiro, you may have seen the kinds of sexy rough trade cruising the streets that look like Felipe Gaucho. I spotted this sexy gay Latin man, skateboard in hand, smoking a cigarette as we made eye contact (and he grabbed his cock). With his sexy beard, eyes and hairy chest I knew I needed him. I gave him my card and told him my profession, and surprisingly he knew who I was; soon he was back in my hotel room and ready for his gay barebacking debut with me on
As soon as he arrived we started kissing. I couldn’t wait to get my face in his hairy pits as I dove into his hot, hairy body. He returned the favor licking me all over, tonguing my nipples and face as I could feel his enormous cock getting bigger and bigger. Time to let the monster out of the cage I thought, as I undid his belt and his long floppy dick plopped out. It wasn’t long before I started devouring his long banana shaped dick, gagging on it, while of course shoving my face in his manly bush. I was so glad he didn’t shave like most Brazilian men do, I wanted that masculine hairy bush rubbing against my face as he fucked my Gay Daddy mouth.
It was obvious I’d got him horny and hard and he was ready for my ass. I offered it up eagerly as he wet his tongue with my hole and saliva. Spitting in my hole, fucking me doggy and then missionary his dick just felt so fucking perfect! He used this gay daddy’s hole perfectly as he rammed it in deeper and harder.
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Written by Dominic Pacifico

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Dominic Does Brazil Ep. 2: Vitor Guedes Goes Deep

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