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Dominic Does Brazil Ep 5: Barebackin’ In the Hot Tub

Kadu Silva is my newest Gay Latino find in Brazil. I met him at a local sauna where he works. He spotted me coming in and as I was leaving, handed me his number with a wink. He invited me to come meet him in the hot tub the next day before they opened, and bring my camera. It seems every hot gay Brazilian stud I meet has a perfect big juicy cock and hot bubble ass and Kadu was no exception. He looked phenomenal naked and it only took minutes until we were passionately kissing and going down on each other’s big Latin cocks. Next I took to eating out his juicy ass before fucking him in the water. I couldn’t help but let the foot fetish in me come out and lick his big, smooth feet as I fucked. Watching him shoot a massive load from his big cock was too hot for me to take and I uncontrollably shot in his ass. Fortunately you can watch his wrecked messy hole dripping with my load.
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Written by Dominic Pacifico


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