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Slammin’ Anthony

(The current travel ban to Brazil has forced postponement of our Rawhole shoots there. Till it opens up we’re presenting some of the best raw action the US has to offer.) Dark and horny Anthony Wood may be getting more than he can handle from edgy Matthew Grande, with his full-body tattoos and piercings, scruffy beard thick uncut cock.

Matthew moves in close from the start and gives Anthony a mouthful of hot Latin tongue. Anthony gets the mouthful he’s really looking for when he’s on his knees swallowing Matthew’s long pink tool. Matthew’s dick stiffens up and gets longer and longer. It’s time to put that stiffy to good use. Once Anthony’s had his fill and there are gobs of juicy spit hanging off Matthew’s nuts the sexy top buries his face between the big round globes of Anthony’s ebony ass.

When it’s wet and slick Matthew’s huge raw cock slides right in, his nuts slapping Anthony’s fuzzy ass crack. Matthew gives that ass a hearty slap of appreciation and drills on in bareback and hard. Anthony needs to slow it down before he shoots too quick, climbs on for a slow grinding ride.

When he’s ready to pick up the pace again, Matthew pounds his butthole so hard the chair is bouncing. Matthew pulls out and sprays a web of sticky sperm trails on Anthony’s nuts. Then Anthony straddles Matthew, lets loose at last with a juicy palmload to smear across his lucky top stud.

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Written by Dominic Pacifico

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