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“Paris When He Sizzles” in Hot Flip with Alex Mecum

Paris When He Sizzles

Pierce Paris has it all, a handsome, masculine, mega-hung stud with a head on his shoulders. So it’s not so often he meets his match, as he does in this HOT hookup with hairy-chested man’s man Alex Mecum. When they find a poolside cabana to rub their speedo’ed crotches together, we know it’s not gonna stop there, by any means. Paris reaches into Alex’s swimsuit to yank out his thick, straight cut cock. Pierce drops to his knees to take it deep down his throat. When he stands and drops his own teeny bikini, Alex starts stroking and sucking him in return.

In a match of equals, you might not be too surprised that both studs are eager to fuck and get fucked. First up, Alex. When he lies back on the cabana banquette, legs spread, Pierce flicks his tongue across Mecum’s puckered hole and lands a gob of spit across the bullseye. A probing finger slides in, with Alex’s booty throbbing and twitching around it. When he reaches around and grabs Pierce’s neck to pull in closer, you know how bad he needs it. Alex rolls to his stomach, hairy thighs parted wide to offer up his hungry hole to his built buddy. Pierce plows in from behind, smoothly slides in and out till he’s buried balls deep. Then he kisses Alex before he goes back to pumping. Letting it pop out, Alex rolls on his back and they rub their cocks against each other, belly to firm flat belly.

Pierce Flips with Masculine Muscle God Alex Mecum

Catch the full video and don’t miss a cum-dripping SECOND of this SIZZLING sex date. It’s all there for you at

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Written by Dominic Pacifico

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