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Deep Dickin’ Nick

Handsome macho Latino Alessio Romero sits back and enjoys a wet, luxurious blowjob from swarthy young bottom Nick Cross. Alessio is a hairy, built muscle guy, just the type that gets edgy Nick’s motor revving. When Nick lies down with legs spread, Alessio is quick to dive in and get a musky mouthful. He slobbers on his hard dick and slides into Nick’s hungry hole.

As he pulls out to spit another wad of saliva on, Nick’s ass twitches with anticipation. Alessio’s nipple rings jingle with the deep hard dicking he deals out to moaning Nick. On hands and knees doggy style, the two driven raw fuckers slow down and concentrate on pumping in balls deep. Nick beats his cock in perfect rhythm with sexy barebacker Alessio.

He presses a hand into the small of Nick’s back and pounds in. Rivulets of lube and precum drip down Nicks furry ass crack. The hard muscles of Alessio’s belly ripple as he goes for broke, and Nick speeds up toward a juicy cum explosion. With Alessio’s hand around his throat, Nick’s nuts pop a huge load out onto his tight abs while Alessio splatters hot sperm on his ass and pushes it deep inside.

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Written by Dominic Pacifico

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Raw Dick for Nick

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