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Dirty Dawgs Get It On

Sometimes I like it sweet and romantic, but you guys know me. Most of the time I prefer having filthy raw, kinky fun on camera like a dirty dawg. Built muscle stud Alex Ronald is my puppy for this hot hookup, both of us are in leather pup hoods and he’s waggin his buttplug tail. Sounds interesting? A mask and hood doesn’t get in the way at all when I get dominant and tell Daddy’s little pup to get on all fours and swallow Daddy’s big stiff dick. Then it’s time to sniff and lick my big hairy nuts. He’s a good doggie, and heels while I fuck his throat full of cock. Alex gets a pat on the head and a butt scratch for his oral skills, and then it’s time for his ass to give back that puppy tail so Daddy’s cock can plow in and breed his hungry boy. He’s slick and open as I slide in deep. He arches his back and pooches out his muscle butt just the way I like it. His knees splay apart, he’s kneeling there just panting to get his hole pumped full of juicy bareback cum. The hoods come off then it’s just Daddy and his naked submissive boy fucking like animals. Alex licks his big pumped bicep, grinds his ass into my thick uncut cock. I lick his foot while I ram his butthole and he’s ready to shoot. “Cum for your fuckin’ Daddy!” I yell, and of course he gives me what I ask for. Should I give him what HE wants? Sure. His hole drools out my load of sticky cum that he was begging for, and we’re both lucky dawgs tonight.
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Written by Dominic Pacifico

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