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Got Your Back

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B-ball teammates Jasper Reed and Tyrese Reed wait nervously in the examination room before a team physical. Jasper warns Tyrese that the doctors in this clinic can get “kinda touchy-feely”. Tyrese confesses that he had a similar experience that ended with a blowjob that he was pretty stoked about. Jasper’s not convinced, but Tyrese assures him “I got your back”.

Then the truth comes out, and Tyrese has it bad for his buddy Jasper. He closes the door and moves in for a kiss. Jasper pulls up Tyrese’s jersey and drops to his knees. In a flash this straight boy is taking his bud’s cock down his throat. “Shit, you know what you’re doin!” he exclaims. When he stands, Tyrese presses his cock into the crotch of Jasper’s tighty whiteys. Once they get naked they wrap their arms around each others’ tight hard booties and rub their smooth muscular bodies together.

On the examination table jasper lifts up his legs and Tyresse moves in for a musky lick of his teammate’s hole. Slurping and lapping along the crack, he gets Jasper so worked up that he’s begging for raw cock up his butthole. Tyrese slides in smooth, slickand bareback as Jasper backs into the big hard tool.

With Jasper on his back beating off, Tyrese speeds up and goes for broke. As he pulls out to shoot, Jasper’s there first, spraying cum across his tight chest. Tyrese slathers his handsome bro’s ass with a splatter of hot sticky cum. “Told you I got your back,” he replies with a smile.

(Thanks to CollegeBoyPhysicals for the COVID content trade!)

Lots of raw fucking
at Rawhole this week!
Don’t miss a sticky drop…

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Written by Dominic Pacifico


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