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Raw, Rammed and Crammed

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Sexy hung blond Brazilian Arthur Mondelo lies back dozing when horny cockslut Lucas Franfreich sneaks in and starts massaging his buddy’s legs with hands and mouth. He moves to the soles of Arthur’s feet to sniff and lick their musk. But there’s more of that male musky up inside Arthur’s snug undies, and Lucas peels them down and buries his face in Arthur’s soft pubes.

He strokes his buddy to a stiff woody and takes it deep into his throat as Arthur wakes up to slap it around Lucas’ bearded face. Lucas is hard as a rock and needs big raw cock up his dick-starved hole. Arthur stands and feeds his thick uncut tool to Lucas. Lucas can barely take the huge xxl meat all the way down without gagging.

Lucas gets on hands and knees for Arthur to wag his tongue across his fuzzy ass crack. His smooth muscular butt is good enough to eat, and Arthur burrows in. Once the twitching hole is wet, slick and open, Arthur stands behind and rams his bare cock in hard. He grabs Lucas by his shaggy hair, gives his ass a smack or two. He bends Lucas arm behind his back and holds it as he drills balls deep. Nuts swinging, Lucas backs into each rough thrust.

Lucas rolls to his back and lifts his leg up high and wide to give Arthur free rein. Arthur’s groans get faster, he’s ready to cum. Lucas cranes his head up to watch his ass get ravaged by the big stud. It’s time to blow a load, and Arthur pulls out and beats off. He splatters his muscular abs and Lucas is there to slurp down every drop and suck on the big blond’s still-spurting tool.

Lots of raw fucking at
Rawhole this week!
Don’t miss a sticky drop…

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Written by Dominic Pacifico


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