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Pytter Rams Into Ramon

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Cold as we might be in our midwinter, in Brazil it’s blazing summer now and our Rawhole muscle studs are hitting the beaches of Copacabana and Ipanema. Pytter Fox and sexy bearded Ramon Souza are both a sexy bronze from their season in the sun, and all that solar energy is going straight to their gonads. They mash their sensuous lips together and rub their sun-baked muscles against each other.

Ramon is first to grab Pytter by the dick and balls and start stroking him up to a big impressive woody. In turn, Pytter wraps his sinewy arms around his buddy and pulls him in close. Ramon gets his face down at dick level and gets his mouth fucked by his sex-starved buddy. Pytter gets his mouth full of musky bronzed booty as he rims Ramon.

Once he’s wet and slippery for fucking, Pytter presses his dickhead against Ramon’s slick hole and slams in. Ramon grabs the crisp white sheets to brace himself as his body gets rocked by the lean muscle stud. Pytter’s nuts smack into Ramon’s bubble butt with each hard thrust. When they turn to their sides Ramon grabs his cock and starts beating off.

Their bodies knitting together like a well-oiled machine, the hot Brazilian barebackers speed up toward the juicy finish. Opening his ass as wide as possible, Ramon pinches his nips and strokes faster. Pytter pulls out in time to spray his sperm and give Ramon more to lube his cock with. Ramon’s body tenses and spasms with orgasm, geysering a hefty splatter of hot Brazilian cream across his tight six-pack.

Lots of raw fucking at
Rawhole this week!
Don’t miss a sticky drop…

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Written by Dominic Pacifico

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