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Roman Gets Jimmie’s Sauce

Latin muscleboy Roman Chase is about to bail from a hookup with mustached lover boy Jimmie Slater. Then Jimmie offers him a taste of his latest culinary creation, and the sauce makes the young stud insatiably horny. Soon they are tossing around the bed like raw fucking horndogs.

Roman’s cock stands up like a flagpole, and Jimmie grinds his crotch into it before he rocks Roman back to lick his hot hole. He moves up to the head of the bed for Roman to suck him to max stiffness.

Rock hard ready, he kneels behind Roman’s upturned ass and slides his bareback dick in deep. Roman moans when Jimmie holds both hips and aims straight in. With hands resting on Roman’s lower back he pounds in from above.

He turns his young hot bottom on his side and plows in between his muscular cheeks.Jimmie speeds up as his balls tighten into firing position. The expert ass-splitter has Roman ready to climb the walls, as he slowly buries his raw cock balls deep. Roman runs his hand along the soft downy fur on Jimmie’s chest. Jimmie fucks a creamy load out of the young stud, sprays his cum on Roman and buries his spurting bone back inside.

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Written by Dominic Pacifico

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