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Breeding Alessio’s Cumhole

When Mario Cruz finds furry muscleman Alessio Romero lounging in a shaded outdoor chair, he gets a lot more than he expects and just the fuckhole he needs. It’s a cocky clash of two scruffy Latins as Alessio gropes a hand into Mario’s shorts and pulls out his already stiff dick.

He gets onto his knees to slurp and service Mario’s fuckready tool. When he stands and presses up against muscular Mario he gets a thick Latin prick sliding up under his nuts and out between his cheeks. These two can’t wait to put raw dick and hungry hole to good use.

Mario’s the next man down, face planted in Alessio’s hairy crack. Bracing his big tatted arms on a coffee table Romero keeps his booty open and right at rimming level for his buddy to burrow in deep. With Alessio wet and dripping with spit, Mario stands up and slides his cock in to the root. He reaches around, grabs Romero by the hairy tits as he plows in hard.

Mario can’t take his eyes off his dick pounding Alessio’s muscle ass, and Romero just groans in appreciation. He starts stroking his cock as their fuck gets tighter and hotter.

Now Mario’s the one panting and groaning, “Ahhh, I’m cumming!” as his sperm geysers into Romero’s butt. And Alessio sprays his load as well, all over the coffee table below. Mario pulls out to see his thick creamy load dripping out of Alessio’s well-fucked asshole. He sticks his spurting cock back in, shoots a few more sprays in to on keep breeding.

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Written by Dominic Pacifico

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