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Another Locker Room SNIFFer? It’s Casey Everett in a Self-Sniffing Session

Casey Everett strolls into the locker room after a hard workout, and after peeling off his tank top, gets a good whiff of his moist armpits. Grabbing a jockstrap hanging off a gym locker door, he holds it to his face and inhales deep. Untying his shorts and letting them, drop to the ground, he reaches down to his firmly packed jock and rubs his dick.

Inhaling the man musk in the used jock like a popper, Casey brushes his hand across his thickening crotch. Pulling down his jock, his erect cock springs up and out. He switches to sniffing his jock, getting off on his own manly scent.

Casey perches one foot on the bench so he can thrust a finger into his hungry ass. Noticing someone’s dildo and lube sitting in an adjacent locker, he slicks the toy and rams into his hot hole.

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Written by Dominic Pacifico

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