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“Corruptible Angel” For Casey Everett and Fx Rios, Episode 4 of REPENT

When an angelic priest gives in to sexual temptation, the heat rises!

Episode 4 of the mesmerizing REPENT series is up at, and it’s definitely one of the series’ hottest.  Devout, angelic novice monk Brother Casey is interrupted at prayer by worldly Friar Xavier, who inquires if such a beautiful, perfect young priest is ever subject to temptation and corruption.  Casey comes back with a flirty SNAP!, asking “What manner of corruption are you offering, Xavier?” In the blink of a priest’s eye they are rolling and wrestling on a spread out monk’s robe at the altar.  It’s even more combustible than “corruptible” and another must-see from the twisted, brilliant mind of Dominic Pacifico!

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Written by Dominic Pacifico

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