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Gustavo’s Booty Grinding Fuck

Gustavo needs his hot Latin Daddy’s cock

“Gustavo Mueller is the perfect example of a hot, passionate Brazilian Latin stud. Tan, defined muscular build, a big uncut cock made for bareback fucking, thick black hair and mustache, and an intense focus on man-to-man sex. He’s super masculine and just as talented with his sweet ass as he is with that big hard meat. When we kissed I couldn’t help pushing him against the shower wall to get a whiff of his manly pits. His tight little nips perked up and I gave a lick, and we started to stroke each others’ cocks. With a hot juicy tongue Gustavo explored my hairy abs and worked his way down to my stiff brown dick. I held him by the back of his skull and fucked on into his hungry mouth.

By then his prick was standing out straight and thick and I had to get a taste for myself. Gustavo had ideas of his own, turned his butt towards me to probe my tongue into his hole. His ass tasted musky and sweet and I couldn’t get enough. But the way he poked his butt into my face told me he wanted more up there. I gave his cheeks a slap and stood to press my cock in that raw spitslicked hole…” If you need more, more, MORE of this hot Latin stud getting hot for Daddy’s dick, stop by and watch this full dickraising scorcher.

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Written by Dominic Pacifico

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