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Nic Sahara and Joseph Banks Shine in REPENT’s “Blinded Passion”

Brother Nicolai (Nic Sahara) nibbles at his brother monk Diego (Joseph Banks) to entice him into a forbidden liaison. Diego resists, explaining that he must remain faithful to his brother Domenico. Nicolai thoughtfully points out that if you’re already fucking your brother, what’s one more sin to add to the list?

That’s where the dark force gripping the monastery has led us, and Nic Sahara and Joseph Banks are the perfect foils to indulge their forbidden sex drives for our shock and awe. Here’s the XXXciting trailer for this week’s update, Episode Eight of the tantalizing REPENT series.

If you’re like these lust-driven monks and can’t get enough of REPENT, the only cure to your longing is to stop by and take it all in!

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Written by Dominic Pacifico

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