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My Hot Dip Into Kadu

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I’m Dominic Pacifico, director and model. Once in a while, I’m directing a hot Latin guy and something just CLICKS, like it did with sexy Brazilian fucker Kadu Silva. I knew we needed to get together and put that hot chemistry into action onscreen for the members to share. And what better way to warm up for that long-awaited fuck than in a bubbling Rio hot tub. Kadu’s huge uncut meat was stiff as steel the minute he stepped on camera, so I knew this one was gonna be special. We swapped tongues and ground our gonads together in the warm water.

“You like Daddy’s hairy chest? Suck my dick!” I offered. Kadu’s juicy mouth slid down my shaft and tickled my pubes. As he guzzled my woody his cock bobbed up just below the water’s surface. A gob of spit dripped down my trail as Kadu got himself a mouthful of musky American nuts. I showed him we norteamericanos are no slouch in the sucking department and got his hard tool even stiffer in my throat. Kadu perched on the edge of the jacuzzi and showed me his perfect round ass and the hairy crack between.

“Daddy loves breeding these dirty little street boys,” I barked out, stood up to plow my uncut cock bareback into his fuck-starved hole. Kadu bounced his ass up and down into my invading prick, beating his cock at a furious pace. Kadu doesn’t know a lot of English, but “Yes! Yes! Fuck!” was all the encouragement I needed. I started pulling out with every hard stroke, then crammed four fingers into his twitching hole.

He lay back on the tub deck and I sucked his tan beachboy toes. I milked his cock a few strokes and fucked the cum out of him, jizzed my juice far up into his butt. As I pulled out a thick creamy wad squirted out of Kadu’s well-fucked ass.

Lots of raw fucking at
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Written by Dominic Pacifico


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