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Raw Latin Pileup

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Some guys need a dinner date, flowers and candy. These three raw Latin bareback fuckers barely need a hello before they’re tackling each other to the bed and sticking dicks into the nearest hole. Erick Sampa and Marcos Goiano are making out with tongues down each others’ throats while right behind blond muscle stud Daniel Toro is pumping his cock into Marcos.

Erick offers his stiff tool to Marcos to slobber and swallow in this hot spitroast, and these guys are just warming up! Daniel buries his face in Marcos’ butt while the hot dark Latino twerks his asshole against his buddy’s tongue. Marcos lets out a loud deep moan when Daniel gets back up to his knees and plows in raw and fast.

Marcos is really living for this threeway, getting fucked in the mouth and hungry ass at the same time. But Daniel wants a piece of that action too, lies back with his legs spread open for Erick to slam his cockstarved hole. Marcos watches and beats his meat as he helps hold Daniel’s ankle up. Erick starts pumping in balls deep then pulling out totally, till he has Daniel panting for more.

The big blond’s guttural groans ring out loud and clear once Marcos is sucking his cock and Erick is filling his ass with thick raw Brazilian meat. This kind of action is getting too hot to handle, so now Daniel and Erick kneel to either side of Marcos, milking their cocks. They squirt their heavy loads right into his smiling face.

Lots of raw fucking at
Rawhole this week!
Don’t miss a sticky drop…

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Written by Dominic Pacifico

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