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Bangin Fernando’s Big Booty

Tatted Brazilian barefucker Rick Paixao is devouring Fernando Ferraro while they make out like he’s been hot for that butt a long time. He grabs Fernando by the back of the head and burrows his tongue deep into his mouth, body grinding against Ferraro’s hot muscles. Once he’s got him lying on the bed, Rick takes Fernando’s long uncut cock in his mouth and goes down to the stubbly pubes.

Spitting on it, Rick starts jacking his own dick. Ferraro gets on all fours and begins worshiping Paixao’s stiff tool. Rick gets behind Fernando and rubs his face all around his buddy’s muscle ass, licking and sucking to get it wet and open.

Once Fernando perks his head up and starts grinding into Rick’s face, it’s time to get something more than a tongue into that hungry hole. Rick grabs him by both hips and drills his raw cock in balls deep. Fernando groans and grits his teeth with pure arousal. The firm round muscles of Ferraro’s butt tense and ripple with every hard thrust.

Rick pushes him down onto the bed and pounds in from on top. Fernando pulls his balls up tight towards his cock to watch Rick’s cock plowing his ass. With Ferraro’s ass still wide open, Rick pulls out and sprays cum all over his hairy crack and slides back in.

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Written by Dominic Pacifico

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