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BTS with Kadu and Patrick

Kadu Castro is lean, dark and ENDOWED! His mocha-colored uncut cock gets hard and huge when it’s down a juicy throat or plowing raw into a tight hole. Patrick Garcia is today’s lucky bottom to get the full ride on Kadu’s joystick from both ends. Here we get a peek behind the scenes as award-winning director Dominic Pacifico lenses their scorching hookup.

Patrick’s thirsty for Kadu’s tool, and doesn’t even wait for the camera before he’s on his knees worshiping the big tasty chocolate stick. Dominic guides Kadu and Patrick to the window and frames the shot as Patrick gets back to work sucking. Kadu slaps his ass, pulls Patrick up for a rough manly kiss.

He stands on the bed and pumps his dick into Patrick’s hungry gullet, nuts slapping his thighs as he drills down deep. They shift to an acrobatic stance with Patrick hanging his head off the bed, the better for Kadu to fuck his mouth. Once Kadu lubes up Patrick’s hole with a wet tongue, he plows his dick in and starts thrusting. Dominic shifts the hot tan bottom’s ass for a better view of their penetration. They shoot stills, but Kadu gets in a few deep pumps whenever he can. They move to the wooden counter next to the window to show Patrick in an uninhibited moment of riding that perfect humongous piece.

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Written by Dominic Pacifico

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