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More Fun with Moreno

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You can try to keep horny Brazilian bareback studs from getting down and dirty in the locker room, but don’t expect to keep them apart for long. In the changing area for gogo studs at a sleazy Sao Paulo cruising bar, Thomas Lesser gets a feel of Diego Moreno’s jockstrapped woody and drops to his knees for a sniff and taste of the uncut treat inside.

He smacks it around his mouth a bit but Diego’s not playing games. He gets Thomas by the scruff of his neck and fucks his tool all the way down his buddy’s throat. Diego can’t help noticing Thomas’ big hard piece, but only gives it a few slurps before moving around to nurse on Lesser’s firm muscled ass.

Once Thomas is dripping with spit, Diego crams his monster cock in raw. Holding him by the hips, he hits a spot that makes Thomas groan for more. Thomas rolls onto his shoulders with his ass up for grabs. Diego takes the bait and drills in to the root.

Diego strokes his cock furiously while Thomas kneels in front with mouth ready to catch all the splatters. Diego’s load overflows Thomas’ dickstarved mouth. He lies back to catch his buddy’s sticky gusher in his handsome face.

Lots of raw fucking at
Rawhole this week!
Don’t miss a sticky drop…

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Written by Dominic Pacifico


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