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BTS With Douglas and Joao

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Douglas Ferraz had quite a time plowing the talented hole of beautiful Brazilian stud Joao Miguel. Here’s what the final scene was missing, the behind the scenes XXXfun and hijinks in the luxe Sao Paulo digs where we shot the scene. Once the camera is rolling, these horny raw-fucking Latinos are revved up to the redline.

Joao gets on his knees and never misses a beat as he sucks Douglas’ swelling piece to its full gargantuan size. Bearded Douglas just lets Joao have his fun getting their cocks raring and ready. Joao is no slouch in the endowment department himself. Once he stands Douglas can barely get the whole thing down his throat. His beautiful butt is a tasty meal in itself when Douglas burrows in to get it open and wet with spit.

Joao perches at the edge of the mattress with his tanlined bubble butt aimed right at the horned up top, and Douglas lets it slide in to the root, slow and sensuously. Joao turns to groan out his approval. Things are heating up too fast, so Douglas steps back and keeps his hands off his monster cock.

He lies back across an ottoman and Joao climbs on to ride, his own big meat flailing the air with every stroke. Douglas is right at the edge, and director Dominic shows some mercy to let him shoot when he’s ready. Joao sprays his load first, splattering his tight, perfect abs. Douglas yanks his bare cock out while it’s still shooting inside that sweet hot tunnel, then pushes back in to finish breeding his Brazilian beauty.

Lots of raw fucking at
Rawhole this week!
Don’t miss a sticky drop…

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Written by Dominic Pacifico


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