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Plowing into Willk

Northon Paulo is a tall young Brazilian raw fucker with close-cropped hair and a big brown uncut tool. The minute bearded Willk Devor gets his mouth around it that dick pops up and grows rock hard.

Willk starts stroking his own thick cock as he sucks, till Northon grabs his head and fucks down his throat. Willk opens wide and lets his warm wet mouth be Northon’s fuck toy. Northon reaches back and starts fingering his juicy hole.

The hot top has other plans than a simple blowjob. He smacks Willk’s muscular booty and gets it warm and rosy then dives down to plunge his tongue deep inside.

Licking his lips, Willk backs into Northon’s wet sloppy rimjob. He needs a fuck right now. Northon kneels behind and slaps his upturned dick around the spit-lubed crack, then pops it in bareback and begins pumping. Willk pants with each deep fast thrust reaming his hot hungry hole. The powerful top grabs Willk by the hips and speeds up as he plows in balls deep.

He rolls the lean sexy bottom onto his shoulders and fucks straight down into the wide-open asshole. Pushing him down onto the sheets, he spreads his legs as far as they can go and rams in. Willk can’t hold back and the sperm starts flying our of his spurting cock. Northon pulls out and a few strokes later is splattering the satisfied bottom with a faceful of creamy cum.

Creamy and delicious, like the raw-fucking studs at! Stop by today…

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Written by Dominic Pacifico

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