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I Bury My Bone in Fabio

Fabio Floriano is a perfect Latin Hercules with jet black hair and a thick bushy beard. His pale, built body has a light dusting of soft black hair and some beautiful tribal tattoos. He’s a tough, macho Brazilian stud with a sweet side that loves to kiss and be playful in the sack. We started making out and nibbling each others’ lips and tongues, then he sat down on the locker room bench and took my cock down his throat like his mouth was made for it. Filthy Fabio slobbered and sucked on my sweaty nuts as he began jacking his long uncut dick. When I fucked my cock down his gullet he reached up into my buttcrack to pull me even closer. “Oh, that’s it baby! Make your face smell like my fuckin cock!” I moaned as he got my tool wet and hard as a rock.

Fabio is ready for a pummeling

My hot Brazilian fuck machine was on all fours, already lubed and set to take my slick cock. It slid into Fabio so smooth and tight as he turned to watch me slam my dick into his hot hungry ass. I reached down and pulled his head up, grabbing the scruff of his muscular neck as I plowed in with my full weight propelling me deeper. His perfect glutes rippled with every stroke. He turned to ride my cock, using both hands to spread his hole wide open. I wrestled him to the bench, pumped in balls deep while he spread his legs. His tight abs tensed up and I knew he was headed for a juicy explosion. I fucked the load right out of him and jerked mine up into his asshole. He turned to squirt out a thick stream of my manjuice from his hot puckered raw hole.

Watch me plow my Latin buddy then join up for the full XXXperience!

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Written by Dominic Pacifico

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