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Grabbing Yghor by the Curly Hairs

Sex-crazed Brazilians strike some HOT sparks

Muscle stud Fernando Ferraro is in a dominant mood, and holds curly-headed Yghor Ricardo by the scruff of his neck as they begin making out. Fernando’s cock is so stiff it’s almost vertical–this hot raw fucker needs ass right now. Yghor gets a mouthful of Fernando’s hairy nips and licks his muscular armpits, gets ready to move on to something deeper, hotter and bareback. Fernando obliges with that giant cock, driving it into Yghor’s hungry mouth. Fernando’s hand slides down into his buddy’s fuzzy crack. He runs his tongue along Yghor’s hairy hole and locks his lips on to suck ass.

With both sexy Brazilian bareback studs on their knees, they assume the position for a perfect raw assfuck. Fernando’s meaty butt cheeks tense and propel his hard rod deep into Yghor’s tight juicy hole. Yghor groans and closes his eyes to feel every inch ramming in to the hilt. Fernando holds his buddy by the bearded chin as he plows in hard. He lies back on the bed and pumps straight up, faster and deeper until Yghor’s at the edge of exploding. The young dark-haired stud sprays out a sticky wad and Fernando starts milking out his load into Yghor’s open mouth. Two horny Latins catch their breath with a cummy kiss.

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Fernando has his horny way with curly-headed Yghor

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Written by Dominic Pacifico

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